About ShakingSound

👋 I’m Fabian, the founder of ShakingSound. 

Why the name?

Shaking Sound comes from the literal translation of Douyin (抖音). Dou (抖) means Shaking and Yin (音) means Sound. Douyin is TikTok’s predecessor and original version, which launched Mid 2016 in China. 


TikTok since 2016.

My partner and I have been involved since the apps launch in 2016.


Creator Insights

My partner belongs to the first 10 creators on the platform and went through a 2 year program.


Company Insights

Every months we work with many brands and reach millions of people for them on TikTok.


30+ media features

I have been featured for my expertise on TikTok and Douyin by The Newyork Times, Adweek, SCMP, TechCrunch and more.


TikTok Talent Management

I run a leading TikTok talent managent company managing creators reaching 100+ million per month.


Insights from China

Many of the new TikTok features come from China. I have been following the company for almost 4 years in and outside of China.

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Over 20 publications trusted my expertise